I Guess I Have a Baseball Blog Now

When I was 16 years old, I started a New York Yankees blog following the 2008 MLB Season, which was a sad year wherein Old Yankee Stadium died without even having a playoff run to go out on. The Yankees went crazy that winter, signing AJ Burnett, CC Sabathia, and Mark Teixeira before going on to win the 2009 World Series over the Phillies. It was very fun. 

The blog was dumb. It was called 6Pound8OunceBabyJoba.com. In the movie Talladega Nights, which I stand by as one of the premier films and Oscar snubs of all time, there's a prayer to an "eight pound, six ounce baby Jesus." We got the quote wrong. Anyway, we were all aboard the Joba train. He promptly got eaten by flies and was never heard from again. Instead of making friends in high school, an overrated and inefficient practice, I would stay up late writing posts like "Why the Blue Jays should sign Jim Thome" and "Here's a fake trade that I would do and that I bet real people in the game would go "haha" at." I "live-blogged" games, which just means I selectively wrote down plays I thought were cool in posts that no intelligent human being would ever read. But, all in all, it was a real good time. I cared about what I was writing, which is not "cool" but like w/e. 

In college, I was too "cool" to do my own blog. So instead I worked with an on-campus sports group for a year, then became a comedian, then spent half a decade pretending to be good at comedy. I've fooled so many people, you wouldn't believe! Anyway, comedy is a pain in the ass to write because it generally is about observations re: the world and has to be very structured in a certain way and draw a certain response and like ugh what a pain I love it but also fuck, you know? So, I am hijacking a portion of this "comedian" website to write the same types of unprofessional baseball posts I wrote as a wee child of 16. They will be so cutting edge you will feel compelled to tweet 'em out to the populace. 

Oh, also: I am an angry, volatile young man with bipolar disorder who has strong opinions on many things and who pretends to have strong opinions on even more things than that! So sometimes these blog posts won't be about trading for Zach Britton and JA Happ or the shit graphics on the jumbotron at Yankee Stadium (a flaw at the world's most expensive ballpark that makes my GF prefer CitiField which is very sad to me). Sometimes I'll write about how I think immigration is cool and that it is silly to be against it (wow! edgy! political!). Sometimes I will write about how I've used my age as an excuse for not reaching my goals for my entire life and how I worry that I'll continue to do so forever. I might even post my speech for my brother's wedding if I ever wind up putting pen to paper. Who knows? <--Also, who knows how to punctuate this? Should it be a an exclamation mark because it's a rhetorical question? I paid very little attention in high school. I was too busy with my sick-ass baseball blog. 

Okay, so this is technically an "introductory post" which I hope will lead to all sorts of you know "other posts." I'll probably stick to baseball for the most part, I just want to make sure everyone knows I'm a maniac and that things may change!

Oh also I deleted my Twitter a couple month ago and so then I lost all my followers and now I need to bring 'em back up so if you follow me on Twitter I promise to smile more in my day to day. @KSeefried


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