"Technically a Comedian"

Kevin Seefried is a comedian and writer who lives in Brooklyn, New York (how edgy!). After becoming a staple of the Boston and DC comedy scenes, where he served as host of such popular shows as The Mendoza Line and Underground Comedy DC's Big Hunt, Kevin moved to New York in 2016, where he performs regularly at both clubs and alternative venues. 

You can book Kevin to do stand-up comedy or serve as a private investigator by emailing him at KevinCSeefried (at) gmail.com

Will I like this Kevin guy who says he's a "Comedian?"

Probably not!

What Is a Comedian?

Typically,  a comedian is someone who makes people go "haha" when he sends a group text message. Comedians are often compared to the Batman villains "The Riddler" and "The Joker," but they are actually more like poor versions of "The Penguin" because of the whole narcissism thing.

What was Ricky Ledee's batting line for the New York Yankees in 1999?

.276/.346/.476. Not bad!


"Hi, I'm Kevin Seefried. Nice to meet you!" - Kevin Seefried